Four Hurdles to Change via Sam Rainer III

In his new book, Obstacles in the Established Church: How Leaders Overcome Them, Sam S. Rainer III shares four hurdles to change.  The following is a direct quote from his book (check bottom of post for links to purchase his book).

The first hurdle is a lack of intentionality.  Generally, established churches have more resources than new churches.  When resources are limited, churches must be more intentional about innovation.

The second hurdle is a lack of originality.  Established churches should build on their foundations, but please don’t slap a new logo on an existing program and call it innovation.  Innovation is intro ducting something new, not introducing something with the facade of newness.

The third hurdle is the wrong metrics.  What gets measured gets done, and what you measure is typically an indicator of what you value.  A mature church will measure different things than a new church.

The fourth hurl is the ease of appeasement.  In an established church some leaders prefer the ease of appeasing members rather than changing to reach new people…But appeasement never leads to positive change.

What say you?  Do you agree with these hurdles?  Are there more?  Specifically, what hurdles have you experienced in ministry?  Comment below.

Here are a few links where you can purchase this book: amazon and  Follow Sam on twitter here.


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